Intelligent Commerce Chain

AI and Blockchain Based Intelligent Commerce Ecosystem

Intelligent Commerce Chain is a public blockchain ecosystem that enables consumer brand owners, end users, and third-party service providers to adopt the cutting-edge AI technologies and solutions to create value for all participants. Intelligent Commerce Chain is committed to building a global blockchain network for service and commerce.


Secure and Scalable
  • Build a decentralized and secure service and commerce platform.
  • Satisfy requirement of high throughput transaction.
  • Support thousands of commercial scale DApps.
  • Connect brand owner, end users and third-party service providers to create efficient and convenient Interactive experience.
  • Embed AI into business and service process to improve automation and intelligence.
Token Driven
  • Tokenize digital assets like credits.
  • Fuel and drive the whole ecosystem.
  • Motivate data to flow smoothly in the ecosystem, improving AI technology.

Intelligent Commerce Ecosystem

Taking AI Assistant as an entrance, ICC will deeply connect consumer brand owners, end users, and third-party service providers, meanwhile it will tokenize credit assets of all participants, finally become a self-growing ecosystem that can not be controlled by centralized oligarchs.

In order to realize this target, ICC will not only provide a safe and scalable public blockchain but also develop a series of DApps, such as Light Wallet, AI Assistant, Credit System, Data Exchange and so on, eventually build a DApp Store to establish an integrated ecosystem.


Setting Sail
  • Presale
  • Token IEO
  • Wallet Development with Basic Functions
  • Public Chain Alpha Version
  • Release Public Chain
  • First DApp: AI Assistant
  • Communicate with Other Public Chains and Release Open API
  • Release Credit System, Data Exchange and DApp Store
  • Cooperate with Actual Clients
  • Large-scale Business Cooperation
  • Trillion-Dollar Economy
  • Global Top-Level Public Chain


team member
Kevin Lee
Master of Astronaut Center of China, major in Artificial Intelligence, has many years of experience in AI technology research and application, made important contributions to speech recognition algorithm. Former architect of simulation system in the Shenzhou spacecraft system. Core member of Elephone Network which is the first P2P live system. Former Shanda architect of the first P2P Game IM in China.
team member
Barton Chao
Early practitioner of Bitcoin, PhD, Expert of P2P, Cryptography, Cyberspace Security and Blockchain. Has been engaged in developments of blockchain since knowing BTC in 2009.Focusing on underlying development and integration of blockchain technologies in specific industries. Had designed and developed many blockchain projects. Has strong understanding and practical experience in theories, technologies, protocols, on-chain applications, etc.


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